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Weekly Update April 24, 2017

Our first week of AZMERIT and 8th grade AIMS testing was a huge success. Thank you for all of your support. This week will conclude our state testing.

Testing Schedule

AZMERIT has practice tests and materials you can view at home with your student. Testing will be conducted on April 12th, 25th and 26th.

Please do not schedule any appointments during testing time. If you know that your student will not be here one of these days please let us know so that we can schedule their test appropriately.


There will be electives on Friday, April 28th. Please make sure your student has the appropriate attire and supplies for the electives they have chosen.

Open House for Grades 6-9, 2017/2018 School Year at VIC

All VBL and VIC families are welcome to join us.


Our 8th graders will be promoting on May 24th at 10:00 a.m. at the Vail Theater of the Arts. You are welcome to bring family members for this occasion. All 8th graders must report to school by 9 a.m. that morning for attendance reasons. After the promotion ceremony we will have a small reception at VIC. The 8th grade students may leave anytime after the promotion ceremony if they are accompanied by a family member.

Science Next Year

Vail Blended Learning will be adding a science class next year in order to better educate our students in science and technology. Ms. Rozo is very excited about sharing her knowledge in science with our students and is planning on many project based learning experiences for them throughout the year. We are currently searching for supplies that you may have to donate. Below is a list. You may bring them in at any time until the end of the school year. Thank you in advance.

Non-latex nitrile gloves
Exacto knives
Magnifying glasses
Balls of different weights
Hot plate
Rocks and minerals set
Extension cords and power strips with surge protector
Aluminum foil
Ziplock-type bags
Popsicle sticks
Air pump with gauge

ACT Statement

REACH Statement